Frequently Asked Questions

How early should we book the event?

As early as possible! Most events are booked months in advance, so make sure your date is available either by phone or email.

Do you have a contract and insurance available?

Yes, we do! When booking our services we’ll provide you with a contract that details what to expect for your event. We also carry an insurance policy, which most event venues require. Don't book any DJ without insurance.

When is the deposit and balance due?

Deposits are required to secure your date and are due when the contract is signed. The balance is due prior to the start of the event. Payments can be made by check, cash, credit or debit card.

Can we meet with the DJ before the event?

Of course! In fact, for most of our large events we recommend it. We pride ourselves on providing personalize service at your convenience.

How much time is required to set up?

Depending on the amount of equipment needed and any delivery obstacles, usually 1 to 2 hours. However, you are not charged for any setup time.

Can we make special requests?

We are happy to accept any special music requests in advance. We will try our best to incorporate them in a way that will enhance your event, with the end result being a great party and many pleased guests.

Can we request additional time during the event?

If available, we can extend the duration of your event. Additional time is charged at an hourly rate.